Denny Hamlin hits back at Richard Childress

Denny Hamlin hits back at Richard Childress admitting he’s tired of “leaked announcements“ on Tyler Reddick 23XI signing

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Tyler Reddick who secured his first two victories this year is set officially join Micheal Jordan co-owned team 23XI Racing in the 2024 NASCAR Cup Series season.

Reddick’s move to 23XI came as a surprise to many, particularly his current team owner Richard Childress. The 76-year-old was not happy about the timing of the announcement based on his response in a RCR statement.

Speculation were in the air that the deal was ‘leaked’, and JGR driver Denny Hamlin did not like the suggestion.

JUST IN: 23XI Racing has signed Tyler Reddick  

Denny Hamlin was convinced that the RCR team knew about it first, despite what the team owner Richard Childress said.

“I think he told his team, said Denny and then I think it was nine minutes later it had made it to our shop, our wrap guy at our shop that, ‘hey, congrats on getting Reddick.’ So it was just a matter of time”.

According to NASCAR journalist Kelly Crandall Hamlin was very straightforward about how the announcement came together and why they and how they did what they did it.

“I knew he wouldn’t make it back to Charlotte from the RCR campus before the news started to come out”. Hamlin added

Childress revealed that the biggest surprise for him was the fact that his team (RCR) only came to know about Reddick’s move just about an hour before the official announcement by Denny Hamlin which he finds disrespectful to each and every individual around RCR that got Tyler Reddick where he is now.

The biggest surprise was when he came to us less than one hour before the announcement: Richard Childress said.  I don’t think it showed any respect for his race team or everyone who got him where he is. Less than one hour before the announcement? A lot of stuff swirls around an 18-month announcement,”

Last Sunday the Tyler Reddick manage to bag his second career Cup Series victory, following  the race, Richard Childress celebrated with his team however,  again he made a point and let it be known that he was still not pleased with Reddick move to 23Xi.

“Let him burn *his* stuff up.” – Richard Childress race winning message to Tyler Reddick as outran Chase Elliott at Road America

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