Chris Buescher blames Bubba Wallace

“It sucks, we got flat wiped out by the No. 23” – Chris Buescher blames Bubba Wallace for destroying his day in the Verizon 200 at Brickyard

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23X1 Racing Bubba Wallace had a fortunate outing in the Verizon 200 at Brickyard as he piloted the No:23 Toyota Camry to secured his third successive top 10 finish in the NASCAR Cup Series.

Bubba executed his career-best road course result by with a P5 finish at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

On lap 13 Chris Buescher was on pit road when his car was abruptly engulfed in flame and smoke. It was contact from Bubba Wallace into Turn 1 that crushed vital parts and pieces on Chris Buescher car, causing a fire.

The wreck from Bubba at Turn 1 was after he misjudged his breaking resulted in Chris Buescher’s car to catch on fire.

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Buescher conceded that he was not ready to give up on his team as though someone stupidly take him out, the 29-year-old had a solid ride to remain in the race.

The No:17 RFK Racing driver singled out that he got wiped out by Wallace after the race.

 “I got wiped out by [Wallace] in Turn 1, KO’d the exhaust and rocker box, and the car caught on fire for our first pit stop and had to battle back,”.

I wasn’t giving up. This team gave me way too good of a race car today to let somebody’s stupidity take us out that early. Buescher said I’m not going to make it a habit of staying inside cars that are on fire but kudos to this team for bringing such a good race car.

Our Violet Defense Mustang was just fast, and we don’t have anything to show for it again,” Chris Buescher told RACER.

Speaking in his post-race interview at IMS Bubba admitted that he did apologized to Chris Buescher for the incident.

I went in and hit my brake point and thought I was good, and the next thing I knew, I blew through the corner. I don’t know if it was [the result of] the second lap on tires and green track, but I apologized,”. Wallace Said.

Buescher proceeded to regurgitate the crazy incident, that sucked for him, at Turn1 by the No:23 destroyed his day.

After all that, it’s insane. It sucks; we just got flat wiped out into Turn 1 by the No. 23. I have no clue; haven’t seen it yet; don’t know what happened, but destroyed our day,”.

Buescher was sent to the care center for evaluation, he was evaluated and discharged without any issue.

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