Denny Hamlin calls out nascar for not showing black flag to Ryan Blaney


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Well, Let me try to explain, Not that I buy it myself.

My two bubbaboos here.

Brad Keselowski at Atlanta, in March, Hamlin and Kyle Busch at Pocono.

Rule 14.5 was invoked.

Great. Is there anywhere in there that states a difference between when the penalty was found and a difference in punishment? To be fair, I have not, as of this writing seen an official statement from NASCAR as to the penalties assessed to Hamlin and Busch, and the difference pertaining to Keselowski.

Does it really matter when the infraction was discovered?

Had a discussion with Dave Moody on SiriusXM radio. According to him, it’s a time frame difference. B.S.
Lets get facts straight. Nascar always does an aggressive tear down of the first and second place cars at the track, post race. Then 3 random cars are taken back to the R&D center for an absolute anal exam. Got it. The difference here is, that the infractions were found at the track for Hamlin and Busch, before the race was called official. Keselowski’s was found at the R&D center, after the race was called official.

The facts are, that Brad Keselowski’s car from Atlanta was one of the random 3 that were taken back to the R&D center, which by definition, means the infraction was not discovered for a few days.
Should this make a difference as to the punishment?


The rule was broken, by all parties involved, PERIOD!

Don’t tell me that Nascar doesn’t have the power to make this right!

I am not a fan of any of these drivers, believe me, but I believe in equal punishment!

Nascar could, if they so desired, gain a lot of credibility here.
Either give Brad Keselowski his points back and relegate him to the last place finishing position at Atlanta, as they did this weekend with Hamlin and Kyle Busch,


Fine Hamlin and Kyle Busch the same as Keselowski-Deduct 100 owner’s and driver’s points and the 100k fine.
The time frame of the discovery of the infraction of the same rule should not make a difference in the severity of the penalty.

Change my mind!

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