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Nascar has a huge problem, looming.

What do they do if there are more than 16 winners?

Straight to it.
We have 14 winners as of right now, (Post New Hampshire).
5 have multiple wins, and are truly locked in.
Elliott-3, Chastain, Logano, Byron and Hamlin with 2 each.

Those with one each are-
Larson, The Brothers Busch, Bell, Bowman, Cindric, Suarez, Reddick, and Briscoe.
The problem is this. There are 6 races left and 2 playoff spots remaining. Does anyone think that there will be only 2 more different winners this year?

I don’t. I truly believe that there WILL be more than 16, and possibly as much as 20.
So what will NASCAR do if there is more than 16?
Are they going to tell a winning driver that they are not eligible for The Chase?
That will be fun to watch!

Then think about the possible entrants into the fray.
Blaney, Harvick, Almirola, Austin Dillon, Buescher, Stenhouse Keselowski, and yes, Wallace, and don’t forget about McDowell! Every one of these guys are capable of winning a race.

So, what does NASCAR do about their “Win And Your In” statements over the last several years?
Prediction- There will be more than 16 winners. NASCAR will NOT kick any of them out. They will all be included in The Chase and we will just have a huge cut-off class at the end of the first round of The Playoffs.
The funniest scenario, in my opinion, would be to see them try to not include a winner in The Chase, and see the backlash! That will be Epic!

NASCAR created this problem, and it will be very interesting to see how they handle it, especially if there are multiples more than 16 winners, and I don’t see any other scenario.

Your thoughts———

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