Denny Hamlin raises his concern pertaining to Dale Earnhardt Jr. team JRM Cup Series entry

Denny Hamlin raises his concern pertaining to Dale Earnhardt Jr. team JRM Cup Series entry

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Last month it was confirmed by co-owner Dale Earnhardt Jr. at Nashville Superspeedway that his NASCAR Xfinity Series team, JR Motorsports, “really” wants to enter Cup Series racing.

NASCAR would need to contemplate a expansion of its team charter system for JRM to compete in the Cup Series, however Denny Hamlin who is currently the co-owner of 23XI Racing doesn’t not mind JRM entering the Cup Series but suggested that it might not be a fair path to elite the racing series.

Hamlin is a driver who isn’t shy from leaving his opinion out there regardless of the outcome and he did the same with Dale Jr. team.

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“What about all the teams that just spent a lot to get in? asked Denny Hamlin, when Couch Racer tweeted that NASCAR should expand 36 to 40 and go back to 43 car fields for Dale Jr. team.


“It will be hard to establish FMV,” Hamlin added. “Each transaction has had other factors attached to it. You can’t dilute the first 36 also. It’s just not as easy as you think. That’s why other leagues charge a large amount for expansion teams.”

You have a point with your first statement but you gotta give credit to those who made the financial investment years ago, I think we all agree that DaleJr would be a great asset to cup ownership but the path in probably needs to be the same as it was for everyone else no?” responded Denny Hamlin.

It now seems certain that JR Motorsports will make the jump to Cup Series. Maybe not be next year, but people within the organization are working hard to make it happen in the near future possible full in 2024.

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2 thoughts on “Denny Hamlin raises his concern pertaining to Dale Earnhardt Jr. team JRM Cup Series entry”

  1. I think it should be the same for anyone getting into Nascar no matter who it is. But I also think it should be the same cost for charter as everyone has paid. I do know we need new owners coming to NASCAR because the racing will continue for years to come. Dale jr. Jr Motorsport should be one of the new team owners. Earnhardt families has been in NASCAR for years. I think Dale & Kelly would have great sponsors and will be there for years.

  2. Brian Hudson

    Can’t wait to see dale get in and pay only a fraction of what Denny paid. As value has depreciated. Lol

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