Denny Hamlin hits out at Bubba for his in-car radio comments 

“You can’t embarrass the race team” – Denny Hamlin hits out at Bubba for his in-car radio comments 

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Pit crew issues tormented 23XI driver Bubba Wallace in last week Cup Series race at Nashville,sparking a sudden heated radio exchange between crew chief Bootie Barker and Wallace. 

Bubba Wallace , was informed by crew chief Barker that he needed to stop following a loose wheel. As he tried to stop, his car was hit in the tail by Tyler Reddick’s ride at Nashville.

On Sunday at Road America Denny Hamlin called out Bubba for his Nashville antics saying “a driver can’t embarrass a race team”.

“Can’t air our dirty laundry on the radio” – Hendrick Motorsports VP calls out Bubba Wallace for his Nashville antics with crew chief 

Hamlin added that he hopes Bubba Wallace continues to get better with his in-car radio comments to his 23XI team.

“you know you can’t embarrass the race team that’s for sure so i think he knows where we stand on it and hopefully continues to be better” Said Denny Hamlin 

Bubba Wallace says his team (23XI Racing) understands he will get frustrated in situations

Wallace explained the pointed criticism he made toward members of his 23XI crew last weekend were a result of his passion to win and shouldn’t damage his relationship with them.

“We have a team capable of winning, cars capable of winning,” Bubba said as he prepared for the NASCAR Cup Series race Sunday at Road America. “That just creates passion.”

“The team still has a great relationship,” Wallace added. “Not everybody’s going to be happy in a sport like this and a business like this. Just got to work to do your best. I’ll do better and be better.”

Bubba Wallace remains alive in the hunt for a Cup Series playoff spot. However, a win is needed to secure his spot. Bubba currently sits 24th in the standings and 139 points below the cut line with nine races to go in the regular season.

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6 thoughts on ““You can’t embarrass the race team” – Denny Hamlin hits out at Bubba for his in-car radio comments ”

  1. There is no way that bubba would cuss me the way he did bootie and that team.after Nashville me and mr.Wallace would of met in the hauler and we would of got all that straightened out.when I got done with him he would not of ever cussed me or the crew again.he acts like he’s perfect when I have seen him wreck by himself so before I would take him cussing me he would find himself against a rock and hard place.the wall is what I’m speaking of when the tire come off doing about 150.that would break that cussing up.come on Denny get another decent driver he will never be a NASCAR driver.

    1. You gotta use capitol letters at the start of a new sentence man. Like how I just used a capitol L instead of a lower case l.
      Go ahead and call me the english language police or whatever. It just drives me crazy, and I bet I’m not alone.
      Plus you will look somewhat intelligent rather than looking like you didn’t make it past fifth grade. Which is fine. My dad didn’t go past elementary school but was smarter than hell.
      Ooh-wee, looks like I went on a bit of a rant there, didn’t I?
      Felt good! Ha!

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