Dale Jr. questions Tony Stewart for his handling of SRX rookie in heated feud

Dale Jr. questions Tony Stewart for his handling of SRX rookie in heated feud

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. had a similar verdict as many racing fans watching the SRX race last Saturday in South Boston, Virginia.

It was a Saturday evening where tempers flared all around the field which saw a furious Tony Stewart after the race grabbing and shoving rookie driver Ernie Francis Jr.

Stewart is one driver who is known for staying far away from social media arguments however, the same can’t be said about his actions on the the track.

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During a recent episode on Dale Jr. Download  “Ask Jr.” this week, Earnhardt Jr. spoke about all the confrontations in the race and particularly about Stewart’s feud with Francis Jr. and how it was something he could neverr see himself doing.

“We had Ernie in here, right,” Dale Jr said about Francis appearing on his podcast earlier this year. “He’s a great kid. I couldn’t imagine ever being that — even if I was that angry with him, I couldn’t ever. I’d never be like, ‘Hey you.’”

Tony Stewart afterwards did praise to Francis Jr. for his talent, which he said is why he was so angry, because Francis is “too talented to do dumb s–t like that.”

Dale Jr explained It was all TV entertainment in the end

“It’s entertainment,” Earnhardt added. “I think that they absolutely turn the knob up a little bit for the show. Not that Tony’s frustration with Ernie was all an act, but I think that they absolutely just let it go. Like whatever emotion they’re having they just let it out, let it run, because it needs to be entertaining.

“They can’t just show up and run a race and go home. It’s a TV show. And so CBS expects them to deliver. I think when they got done they probably thought, ‘Yeah, we probably don’t need to do this much physical damage to the cars. We have to get them back on the race track in a very short period of time.’ I didn’t watch the whole thing but it absolutely checked off all the big boxes in entertainment for what they’re aiming for.”

Tony Stewart is of the believe that the best way to deal with tussles is by talking ‘man-to-man’. Smoke says he also feels that you would only confront someone personally if you actually have respect for them.

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