NASCAR community critical of Chase Elliott win at Nashville 

“No caution when Chase is leading. Dale Jr 2.0”  – NASCAR community critical of Chase Elliott win at Nashville 

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Chase Elliott rallied for his second victory of the season as rain delayed the race for over several hours.

it was a long night in Nashville however, Elliott didn’t mind at all.

Elliott pulled away from 23xi Racing runner-up Kurt Busch and powered his No. 9 Chevy across the finish line with a margin of .551 seconds.

A late caution in the final laps sent some of the race’s best rides to pit road and out of a chance to win when others, including some that had struggled, stayed out and found themselves at the front for a four-lap shootout.  

“I’m not just out here talking behind their back”- Dale Jr admits he isn’t ashamed of disappointing or frustrating NASCAR

Many people were left with a mixed reaction regarding Elliott’s win as they were an appreciation of his victory however, at the same time criticism came at NASCAR for the fact that officials didn’t call caution when Brad Keselowski experienced trouble in the final 4 lap showdown restart with 2 laps left of the race and Elliott in lead. 




NASCAR fans were infuriated by the fact the same caution which made Busch choose to come into the pit cost him more a front raw finish while Elliott was gifted a win by not calling caution.

Following the race Chase Elliott appreciated Ryan Blaney’s gesture to help him win the race at Nashville.

“If we get an opportunity to park him, make it count” – Dale Jr. calls out Chase Elliott for disobeying HMS Team orders

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9 thoughts on ““No caution when Chase is leading. Dale Jr 2.0”  – NASCAR community critical of Chase Elliott win at Nashville ”

  1. No wonder people aren’t going to see the races. If it’s a Hendricks car it gets special treatment. Just like Johnson and Gorden when they raced. That why we no longer go to any of the races.

    1. Show me where in this video there was ever cause for a caution! The 6 and 41 brushed the wall but kept their cars out of the racing field and continued on… Yes the 6 did have further issues but managed to limp into an access road and out of the racing surface and then into an emergency vehicle access route and behind the wall… ZERO DANGER

  2. People may be critical of Chase when he wins, it happens almost every time. Someone will cry about a caution, a restart, the way he ran on the track, what he was wearing or how he talked or some BS to the sort. One thing about young Chase is if everyone told the truth he is a humble quiet driver. He doesn’t retaliate like most drivers would. People were critical of him for not doing what his crew chief wanted him to do to CHASTAIN, but you see that’s not Chase. He’s a clean racer that tries to take care of his equipment and an all around good kid. He has a nature about him that isn’t mean or begrudging and knows how to get the job done. Now coming up to the road course I am sure people will have something to say about that too cause he is the road course KING but being from the same North Ga. Mountains that he is from that is where he gets his hood driving experience. Those mountains are super to learn some good driving skills on. Race on Chase and so proud for your victory in Nashville and looking for the next one. Pay no attention to all the haters!!!!

    1. I shouldn’t say he doesn’t retaliate… Look at the Bristol night race last year after harvick screwed him over… He definitely got a small bit of revenge

  3. Roger Mattingly

    Cry when Nascar puts out the caution; cry when they don’t!!
    It’s the same cry babies every time.

  4. Why would there have needed to be a caution? The only incident was when the 6 and 41 brushed the wall! Both drivers continued to drive, there was no debris and although the 6 had further issues he still managed to safely make it behind the was by using an emergency vehicle access hole! So stop your bitching already!

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