Dale Jr admits he isn’t ashamed of disappointing or frustrating NASCAR

“I’m not just out here talking behind their back”- Dale Jr admits he isn’t ashamed of disappointing or frustrating NASCAR

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. might have retired from full-time competition racing since the 2017 Cup Series season, however the 15 time NASCAR most popular driver is now calling race from the broadcasting booth for NBC.

Earnhardt Jr. openly admits that he isn’t ashamed of disappointing or frustrating NASCAR during a interview this week via The Athletic.

The 47-y-o went on to explain that occasionally he will be calling out his friends or Ex-Co workers for something which they might not agree with him on.

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“When we’re in the broadcast booth, sometimes we’re gonna say things that my friends I drove with aren’t gonna appreciate. (Martin) Truex got bent out of shape about something or was disappointed in something I said about him. And I told him, “Man, I’m up there doing a job. When I’m up there, the job hat is on and the friendship hat is not on.” I feel the kind of same way with the podcast,” Dale Jr said.

Dale Jr. pinpointed that he wants to be the friend who always tells the truth for NASCAR as they are really appreciated for being honest about things that needed to be told.

Earnhardt Jr. is among the most influential if not the most influential and widely acknowledged by NASCAR personas in the racing community for his opinions on matters concerning NASCAR.

“And I’m not as ashamed of disappointing or frustrating NASCAR as I used to be. I still want to be a good ally to them. But at the same time, I feel like you’ve got that good friend of yours who will always tell you the truth. Sometimes you’re not going to love what he has to say or she has to say, but you really appreciate them because you know you’re going to get the truth,”  said Earnhardt Jr.

“Things are going to be said in that room. I might not agree with everything that gets said about NASCAR. But sometimes I’m gonna say things about NASCAR they might not like. And I’m in there working. It’s a business and I’m doing a job and I’m not just out here talking behind their back,” He added.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was officially inducted into the Hall Of Fame earlier this year in January.

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