Bubba Spotter takes a dig at NASCAR for Kyle Larson crew chief unfortunate four races suspension

“Stupidest Suspension in the History of NASCAR” – Bubba Spotter takes a dig at NASCAR for Kyle Larson crew chief unfortunate four races suspension

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The defending NASCAR Cup Series champion Kyle Larson was the latest driver to have his wheel loose on the track at Sonoma, ultimately giving his crew chief a 4-week suspension which he faces as an outcome.

NASCAR officials have been very strict about excuting the rules this season from the get-go. Particularly with promoting the new single-lug wheels being installed properly.

Kyle Larson is not the only driver to have his crew chief suspended, NASCAR has been handing suspensions to countless drivers when they deemed a wheel comes loose.

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In a recent episode of Dale Jr.’s podcast Bubba Wallace’s crew chief Freddie Kraft revealed that decision it’s the “Stupidest Suspension in the History of NASCAR” on Kyle Larson’s crew chief Cliff Daniels.

They keep out Alan for a month versus Cliff, now who’s got the stupidest suspension in the history of NASCAR, being crew chief suspended for four weeks,” Kraft said.

He then added by suggesting a change to the rule, “I still go back to a points penalty… You get a ten-point penalty the first time it happens, and then it’s a 25-point penalty. If it happens again, then maybe fifty.”

Moreover, he feels that taking the crew chief away is pointless as he said, “He’s [the crew chief] not really going anywhere, he’s just not in the pit-box, you know he’s still involved with calling the race from his bus or whether it’s from a control center at your shop.” He added

The newly introduced Next-Cars car has some negatives with it also such as the recurring wheel losses or crashes it causes which most of the time forces NASCAR to penalize the crew chiefs or crew members of teams.

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