Dale Jr. calls out Chase Elliott for disobeying HMS Team orders

“If we get an opportunity to park him, make it count” – Dale Jr. calls out Chase Elliott for disobeying HMS Team orders

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Earlier this month the Cup Series race at Gateway, Trackhouse Racing driver Ross Chastain had an eventful day at with separate collisions involving Denny Hamlin and Chase Elliott.

Chastain said that both contact was unintentional following the race in his post-race interview.

If Elliott had followed what was required of him on radio Ross Chastain would have been pretty upset, however the Hendrick Motorsports man not obey his team orders.

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. recently on his podcast detailed the radio message from Elliott crew chief, Alan Gustafson, and how Chase Elliott didn’t quite follow orders.

“Chase’s crew chief is on the radio and Chase like, you know, (if) we get an opportunity to park him, make it count,” he said.

“Chase tried, shoved him down into (turn) 1 and he saved it. Hit him again in the middle of 1 and 2, and I think he might’ve hit the wall, but he saved it.”

Dale Jr. explained Elliott doing what he did as “not quite what the doctor ordered.”

“Not quite what was requested because Alan, his crew chief, he don’t play. He’s like, ‘I want him in fence,’” he continued.

“I don’t think Chase gave him what he asked for, but Chase put an effort in there. Not good enough.”

Chase Elliott revealed that he did have a talk with the Ross Chastain following the whole bag of incidents between them during the race.

“Like I said, I tried to take the high road on it and tell him my opinion. And like I said, he can take it with it what he wants or not, and I’m fine either way,” Elliott said.

Elliott and Hamlin both tried to make Ross Chastain feel their presence after the restart. Elliott got up close and personal, sending Chastain toward the wall.

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10 thoughts on ““If we get an opportunity to park him, make it count” – Dale Jr. calls out Chase Elliott for disobeying HMS Team orders”

  1. Theresa C Foster

    I think Hamlin and Elliot should be disciplined for their intervention, and who is still listening to Earnhardt, Jr.

  2. Michael Terry

    Earnhardt Jr is still relevant and right. This Chastain acted in a day with no reguard of the sport, discipline or respect of the money involved in the sport. You go out there running everyone over costing millions, and NASCAR doesn’t allow 2 men to get out of the car to express their feelings, the bad things on the track are going to happen. They leave them no choice other than silence. So Hamlin especially deserved the right to do as he did as it not only costed the race for him but Chastain took out 2 of his cars worth millions and the time invested to prepare.

    1. Charles Howell

      Dale Earnhardt could win without running people over. Chastain can’t. But I do want to know are those his real teeth or did he steal them from mister Ed?

      1. You must mean Dale Jr, trust me Dale Earnhardt would run you over in a second, and on a side note Hamlin shouldn’t have even been on the track, let alone trying to race someone the way that car was. Also,the was Dale Sr. Raced, was not a bad thing.

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