Matt DiBenedetto doesn't fancy a Cup Series return

“Just happy where I am”- Matt DiBenedetto doesn’t fancy a Cup Series return

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It seems as if Matt DiBenedetto isn’t too beat up about losing his NASCAR Cup Series ride this year.

The 30-Y-O last week revealed that he has not been keeping track of the Cup Series season and hunting for potential seats However, this comes as a surprise foreseeing that there might empty rides next season.

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When DiBenedetto was asked if he knew about the potential openings for next season, he replied saying he hadn’t “paid the slightest bit of attention.”

“You guys would know way better than me. To be totally honest, I haven’t paid the slightest bit of attention. I’ve just been focused on our deal and how to put our truck in Victory Lane. said – DiBenedetto

I’m especially looking forward to the Sonoma race. To answer your question, not really. I’m just happy where I am, I’m not happy when I’m not winning. Happy to be part of this team and building it, so we’re committed to take things to the next level. – he added

Matt DiBenedetto went from being in the NASCAR Cup Series to competing in the Truck Series — two NASCAR levels down — for a nearly brand new team.

DiBenedetto moved down, racing full-time in the Truck Series for Rackley WAR — a team in just its second full season in the Truck Series.

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