Martin Truex Jr. reveals unexpected retirement U-Turn

“I’m not done yet” – Martin Truex Jr. reveals unexpected retirement U-Turn

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Martin Truex Jr. was on SiriusXM NASCAR Radio on Tuesday to discuss his future and more Truex Jr. admits that he is getting close to figuring out what he is going to do next year.

Truex Jr. who turns 42 later this month, last week says he thinks daily about whether he will race next year. Revealing he should have an answer within a couple of weeks.

The JGR driver also discussed what he has personally needed to do with the NextGen car to improve his driving.

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“This sport is not easy. It’s very hard, it takes a lot of effort it takes a lot of commitment. And I’ve never been one in my life to do anything half and half and if I’m gonna sign the paper and say, ‘I’m gonna race again next year,’ I wanna make sure that I’m 100% committed,” he said.

“Because as I told you, 95% doesn’t get anything done.”

“I’ve been lucky but I’m not done yet. We’ll see what next year brings,” Truex added.

Denny Hamlin says Martin Truex Jr. is a good teammate and hopes he returns racing next season with Joe Gibbs Racing.

Martin Truex Jr. is currently in his 17th full-time season in the NASCAR Cup Series standings.

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