Joey Logano accuse Denny Hamlin of trying intentionally to hurt his Pit Crew members

Joey Logano accuse Denny Hamlin of trying to intentionally hurt his Pit Crew members

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Joey Logano was not happy with Denny Hamlin actions at Charlotte last week saying that more should be done to protect pit crew members.

Denny Hamlin, who was the winner of the Coca-Cola 600, reply to Logano saying he wasn’t aware that he made contact with the Team Penske driver Pit Crew front tire changer (Tanner Andrews).

Logano felt it was a dirty move by Hamlin at Charlotte saying more needs to be done to protect crew members.

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“We changed the way we did our pit stop to try to allow (Hamlin) to not clip our guys,”.: said Logano

“The changer is down on the ground with his back to a car and gets his heels run over,” Logano added.

“For one, I don’t think there was any reason for it because (Hamlin) had an opening out, so I think that’s just a dirty move.

“But the facts are, I think, there needs to be a penalty for it. There needs to be a rule made for it to protect our pit crew. If you’re outside your (pit) box you’re on your own, I get that, but I think if you’re inside your box, you’re in your house, you should be protected in your home. I think we should just explore it.

Joey Logano said he didn’t see a need for Denny Hamlin to cut it so close entering his stall.

“I don’t have the answer for it. It’s simple when I say it like that, but there’s a million different things that can happen and draw penalties. I think we need to protect our pit crew better because we shouldn’t be grazing people and stuff like that to gain a competitive advantage because that is very unsafe when you’re playing big race cars against humans.”

Logano led the Practice session with a late flyer of 136.753 miles per hour around the 1.25-mile oval outside St. Louis, which will hosts its inaugural Cup Series race on Sunday.

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