“I just spanked his a**” - Carson Hocevar fire shots at Ryan Preece lack of respect claims

“I just spanked his a**” – Carson Hocevar fire shots at Ryan Preece lack of respect claims

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Ryan Preece was left frustrated after Friday night’s NASCAR Camping World Truck Series race at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

On the overtime restart Hocevar lost control of his car and slid into Preece with Hocevar ended up backing into the outside wall.

Carson Hocevar possible hopes of a first-career victory was completely wiped out, however Preece’s night were also ruined as he suffered a cut tire due that contact.

A furious Ryan Preece climbed from his truck after the race, he very little pity for the young driver calling him out.

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“I just want to focus on that final restart, that restart we raced side-by-side,” Preece lamented. “All of you kids watching right now, wanting to get to this level. Don’t do that. Race with respect. Don’t wreck the guy on the outside of you trying to win your first race. It doesn’t get you anywhere.”

Carson Hocevar responded to Preece post race comments with some not kinds words of his own.

“I mean, yeah. I crashed him,” Hocevar said. “If he wants to high praise of young drivers with no respect. I just spanked his ass. I waxed him. He was the next best, but I put it to him. I messed up, I made a mistake. I obviously wasn’t going to try to crash myself and crash him. Tried to use him up a little bit, but not even door him, because you crash when you door each other.”

“I somewhat heard what he was saying on MRN. He has every right to be mad and say whatever he wants. But I don’t agree with it,” Hocevar said. “I just think it’s hard racing on old tires. I made a mistake and it cost both of us. It is what it is.”

Ross Chastain, who was running part-time for Niece Motorsports, took advantage of the wreck to take home the win at Charlotte.

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