Denny Hamlin called out NASCAR for covering up a wrong ruling

“NASCAR tried lied to us” – Denny Hamlin called out NASCAR for covering up a wrong call

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Denny Hamlin No:11 Joe Gibbs Racing Toyota Camry driver is one who always voiced his dvocated for changes within NASCAR.

In a recent Dale Jr. Download podcast Denny Hamlin called out nascar for trying to make a wrong call right and trying to cover up for it.

The JGR driver did not hold back with his towards on NASCAR for the late-race controversy involving the eventual race-winner Ryan Blaney.

“You gotta play by the f***ing rules.” Denny Hamlin says nascar should have black flagged Ryan Blaney

Not because of Blaney and i made it very clear that he he deserved to win the race, but you know i deserve to win the race too many times and i just do something bonehead and i don’t win you know but it’s he first of all there were two they tried to make a wrong right by doing another wrong and it was just that’s just like screwed up that’s just screwed up. Said Hamlin

and then they i don’t know i just felt like they tried to lie to us and say that oh the window net was up and he was steering the car like horsesh** i was right there you can see it’s not up yeah it was not it that’s what i felt like  he did break the rule and but if they were going to bend the rules then just let him come in and fix it at no reason should we ever be letting a driver out there with no winning net up especially we’re about to race for a win on a green white checkered yeah like the probability of us crashing was probably going to be pretty high considering what

we were racing for in all-star win right and so he’s the leader and you know his when you know his winning net is not secured my crew is gone for four weeks because we had a tire rolling down pit lane that’s right because it’s a safety issue i’m like well who are they suspending up it in the tower because they need to be gone for four weeks as well.

Denny Hamlin has an outspoken personality and has a strong following among NASCAR fans as he regularly puts out his opinion through social media or other media sources.

Hamlin recently told Jim France, the 77-y-o chairman and CEO for NASCAR, that until he and his main business partners see a change in NASCAR’s business model, all future major investments in the team — charters, a splashy new headquarters — are put on hold.

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4 thoughts on ““NASCAR tried lied to us” – Denny Hamlin called out NASCAR for covering up a wrong call”

  1. poor looser!!! not a Ryan B Fan but the Yellow was not thrown when it should have been and then when it was not needed. Typical of the Ruling body of this group….. Denny has issues.

  2. If the rolls were reversed Denny Hamlin would be saying today that Blaney is a cry baby ! He would have done the exact same thing that Blaney did! Yes NASCAR made mistake threw the yellow prematurely but Blaney had no way of knowing that cause he was ready to finish the race! Done deal sorry Denny Hamlin !

  3. Junior- maybe can not drive a nail–but damn sure can drive through another drivers pit and run over the foot of tire changer. Nastycar with all their bs rules, but no rule for cutting across pit and injuring someone. Whiny Hamlin should have been penalized at least a one lap penalty.

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