Dale Earnhardt Jr. blatantly criticize NASCAR controversial All-Star finish at Texas

Dale Earnhardt Jr. blatantly criticize NASCAR controversial All-Star finish at Texas

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Dale Earnhardt Jr. didn’t hold back one bit on Sunday with his criticism after the late-race caution that brought a confusion among the drivers and spectators.

Earnhardt Jr. was swift to criticize the premature caution surrounding NASCAR’s All-Star race. And taking to Twitter Sunday, he called out nascar for it.

“Nascar is gonna gladly let you debate the window net so as you don’t reflect on how ridiculous that yellow flag situation was as Blaney was crossing the finish line to win,” Dale Jr. tweeted.

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Yahoo author Nick Bromberg pointed out that it was great to see a NASCAR broadcaster like Dale tweet something like this however, also slightly frustrating to know that these exact words would never be said on an NBC telecast.

“So what’s this about the All Star race and it’s million dollar prize for the winner?” Dale Jr. asked. “Is it true that some think that’s not such a big deal? No way that can be the case. Just seeing some chatter on here and wonder if I’m misinterpreting something.”

“I guess we could consider the prize for winning the best paying race of the season. The Daytona 500. That’s roughly 2 million $$ to the winner. For sure the AllStar race should pay double or triple that to set itself apart. Not sure how that affects the drivers ambition.” He added

Ryan Blaney became the 26th different winner and fourth Team Penske driver to win m in the All-Star Race’s 38-year racing history.

Toyota Racing expressed their “concerns and displeasure” for NASCAR favoritism towards Hendrick Motorsport

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8 thoughts on “Dale Earnhardt Jr. blatantly criticize NASCAR controversial All-Star finish at Texas”

  1. So, who was the NASCAR jerk who threw the yellow, 100 feet from the finish of the race? I mean come on, some back in the pack driver hits the wall on the back stretch, is still running and the field has already passed him by!!!! No issues! Blaney 100 feet from FINISHING the race which would have slowed down ALL the cars, they throw a caution!!!! For WHAT??? The race would have been OVER!!!!! I’ve noticed lately, NASCAR has been AWEFUL quick on throwing the caution! Yes, SAFETY is primary, but man, flat tire, guy getting off the track and there comes the caution! Here’s another thing I’d like to see changed. Why are we counting laps under caution? We pay to see a RACE! Lap counts should halt on cautions! Laps should ONLY count upon racing!

    1. Randall Johnson

      I agree that only green flag laps should count.People don’t pay to watch caution laps.

    2. Jason Johnson

      I know why because they made it so out of the drivers hands anymore it’s like watching people at the beach at the go cart track I’ve been watching for 30 years now I think they need to go back to the way when Tony sterwart one his last championship now that was racing

  2. No matter how much we complain about NASCAR and their unnecessary cautions and violations they are never going to change. Only way for change is to remove the ones in the tower and replace them with someone new!

  3. Nascar is killing this sport.Fans are leaving,nobody likes the cars,the one lug wheels,the stages,,no racing back to the line,they have taken all the real compitition out of Stock Car racing.ITS TIME THEY START LISTENING TO THE FANS !

  4. Have to agree. That Caution should have never flown. And NASCAR should have never allowed the green to come back out without bringing Blaney down Pit-Road to make sure the window net was properly installed, so Now we have “2” major NASCAR Flaws. Why do we count Caution laps, at any point of the race? Only because it makes it easier for NASCAR. Caution laps should not be counted, and it adds some more drama for the teams and drivers. How much fuel do I really have, those 10 laps of caution wouldn’t give them 5 more green flag laps of fuel.

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