Denny Hamlin calls out nascar for not showing black flag to Ryan Blaney

“You gotta play by the f***ing rules.” Denny Hamlin says nascar should have black flagged Ryan Blaney

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Ryan Blaney came away from a dramatic race to win Sunday night’s All-Star Race at Texas Motor Speedway.

Blaney held off JGR Denny Hamlin and Austin Cindric on a two-lap restart after Blaney thought he had won the race just moments before.

The restart came after an unneeded caution for Ricky Stenhouse Jr, as Blaney was between Turn 4 and the finish line. The No.12 driver didn’t realize the caution had flown when he crossed the finish line and took his window net down to start celebrating.

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Denny Hamlin was quick to call out NASCAR for not showing a black flag to race winner Ryan Blaney.

“Never should have been a yellow in the first place. They put Blaney in the situation he was in. “

“To make up for it they let him break a rule. 2 wrongs don’t make a right.
Blaney W, NASCAR L” – Hamlin added


If Ryan Blaney had not outrun Hamlin and Cindric to the finish line, NASCAR officials would have been a major focus after the race.

The actions of race control still deserve scrutiny, however Blaney at least bailed NASCAR out from a lot of discussion by winning the race on the final restart.


NASCAR All-Star Race unofficial results

  1. #12 – Ryan Blaney
  2. #11 – Denny Hamlin
  3. #2 – Austin Cindric (R)
  4. #99 – Daniel Suarez
  5. #22 – Joey Logano
  6. #48 – Alex Bowman
  7. #16 – A.J. Allmendinger
  8. #17 – Chris Buescher
  9. #6 – Brad Keselowski
  10. #20 – Christopher Bell

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4 thoughts on ““You gotta play by the f***ing rules.” Denny Hamlin says nascar should have black flagged Ryan Blaney”

  1. Easy to say when it isn’t YOU getting the shaft, right Denny?? It was a stupid move to call the caution 100 feet from the of the race, REGARDLESS what was going on, on the track! The race would have been OVER!!! No need for a caution! You sound like a sore loser, just cause you couldn’t catch him??? Makes YOU look bad Denny!

  2. Denny Hamlin is right !! Nascar has a rule book and I always penalizes accordingly accept this time.

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