Bubba critical of his 23Xi pit crew heading into the All-Star at Texas

“I’m not sorry for what I said, we sucked!”- Bubba critical of his 23Xi pit crew heading into the All-Star at Texas

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Last week race at Kansas Speedway was a great weekend for 23XI Racing. The team got its first Cup Series victory of the season, and its second career win.

It was not Bubba Wallace in Victory Lane, but his veteran teammate Kurt Busch who emerged victorious. Bubba looked very strong and mounted an heroic effort to finish in 10th place.

Bubba was penalized for a uncontrolled tire with 70 laps remaining. His crew lost a tire, which rolled into traffic.

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I talked to a couple of them we had our victory kurt victory toast what was that wednesday and  my pit crew was there and so i pulled them off well i ran into them as we were leaving and i said that’s what i said and we did not have a great day on pit.

Bubba Wallace was critical of his pit crew after Kansas. He did speak to some of his crew members at the shop heading into the All-Star race at Texas.

hell i messed up i messed up california, i messed up in phoenix messed up a lot of races but the opportunity to come back out and compete again gives you another the second chance so you know grow from that learning from that and use it you know i told him i’m not sorry what i said i said it and it’s there and it’s out there and it is what it is i call it how i see it we sucked we sucked that day

Hendrick Motorsport driver Alex Bowman caught the loose tire, sending it into Ross Chastain before it went flying into the air. Thankfully, no crew members were hit by the errant tire.

Wallace lost his track position, placing him at the tail end of the field. That was one of two pit road penalties by his 23XI Racing pit crew during the race.

If Bubba 23XI pit crew can somewhat fix things up, there’s no limit for this 23XI Racing team in the NASCAR Cup Series.

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