Chase Elliott not happy Next Gen car after losing a tire at Kansas

“What a piece of sh*t car this is” – Chase Elliott not happy Next Gen car after losing a tire at Kansas

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Following a tension-filled affair at last week’s Goodyear 400 this Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series Advent-Health 400 at Kansas Speedway took a dramatic turn in stage 3 when Chase Elliott spun out leaving him the HMS hugely frustrated.

Chase Elliott spun out wildly at Kansas with a left rear tire issue, which left him stuck in the grass.

“What a piece of S*** this m*****f****** car is. Can’t even drive the piece of s*** to pit road when a tire blows.” Said Chase Elliott

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Elliott’s whole tire fell off, sending his No. 9 in the infield. Another caution flag waved and basically ending his day.

Fortunately, the No. 9 stayed grounded and when the car came to a stop, it was apparent that another left rear tire had went down.

Chase Elliott whom was very much in the heat of the moment, had a lot of unpleasant  things to say about the Next Gen car over his radio.

More Frustration coming from the HMS man

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8 thoughts on ““What a piece of sh*t car this is” – Chase Elliott not happy Next Gen car after losing a tire at Kansas”

  1. Ralph Hacker

    Look what happen to Eric Jones Nascar is becoming a joke They have took the whole meaning out of stock car racing

  2. Katherine Mullens

    Let’s face it. The better car and driver won the race. He’s been in contention the last two weeks and he got it done today 🏁

  3. Charles Lott

    Chase is right , NASCAR has done a horrible job in developing a stock race car. This next Gen car is not a stock car. Let’s face it , NASCAR is taking control of how the driver s are driving the cars. Let the drivers drive the cars and quit with the high tech designs. Hell drivers can’t even drive the cars back to pit road when blowing out tires.Just look at Erik Jones, sitting on pit road because of a bull crap wheel design. Mad me want to go watch some stupid show.NASCAR needs to wake up.

    1. bo mcbratnie

      No such thing as a stock race car. This is the best racing we’ve had in 20 years in the sport I do not understand why people want to keep bitching. Cars haven’t been stuck on the track since 1949

      1. You must not have watched much racing in your life!!! It’s not about the teams sitting up the cars to fit their driver and letting him drive it. It’s all so formatted it’s boring unless they’re wrecking each other. The center wheel design?? Really?? If these NASCAR guys wanted to do Indy Car the would move over like Jimmy J did. Sorry car and sorry racing.

  4. David Melssen

    I have said it all year. Nascar has taken the R&D
    And the teams ability to put a great car on the track. Let them go back to bodies and engines
    From the shops. Yeah you can have specs for everything but this car is crap. Center hub design is so poor they held up the whole race to remove one that stripped. The teams are held back by low horsepower, tires, and aero packages. Nascar is killing itself.

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