Dale Earnhardt Jr. says Joey Logano needs to "own up" to his dirty driving style

Dale Earnhardt Jr. says Joey Logano should own up to his dirty driving style

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Following the Darlington incident when Joey Logano bumped into William Byron to take home the victory.

Logano got a lot of criticism as well as a lot of approval for ‘the style of driving’ which was apparently like Dale Sr. , a topic Dale Earnhardt Jr recently touched on in his recent show Dale Jr. Download.

Dale Jr. former NASCAR Champion called out Joey Joey Logano for not owning up to his dirty (aggressive) driving style instead of being all smiles and using revenge as an excuse.

“William’s got a payback coming to Joey” – Jeff Gordon sure that Byron will take revenge on Logano

“I think if Joey would get out and say, ‘Hey man. I’m here to kick ass. I’m sorry. Sorry, it was you, William, you’re next. You’re between me and the trophy,’” Dale Jr. said. “Own it. Outright freakin’ own it. Because that’s who he is.”

“He can’t get out of the car at the end of the race and go, ‘WHOOPS! My bad. Misjudged that.’ We’ve seen it so many times from him, that he needs to just own it and say, ‘I’m an aggressive racer, and if we’re coming in on the last lap at the checkered flag, and if the trophy’s right there, by God, whatever it takes, you’ve come to expect it’,” Earnhardt Jr continued.

Bubba Wallace spotter Freddie Kraft, detailed his frustrations with how Joey Logano handled his own actions.


“The biggest thing to me is, (he) never made an attempt to pass him. Like if you work a guy over and listen, I’m all for ‘winning at all costs’. We’ve built this system around, ‘You’ve got to win a race. You’ve got to win a race to get into playoffs,’” he said in a Door Bumper Clear podcast.

Bubba spotter said despite the “win at all costs” system, Logano being on a winless streak of 40 races, he should’ve made at least some kind of attempt to either pass William Byron.

Joey Logano in a recent interview advice the HMS driver William Byron to stop Darlington brawl from getting any further than where it is.

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