Dale Earnhardt Jr. strangest autograph experience

Dale Earnhardt Jr. reveals the strangest autograph experience he has had

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As a NASCAR driver, you will have to spend some time of your life signing autographs for the fans. And when you are one of the most famous drivers in the Series, then, you will have a lot of fans who would cherish this sign from their favorite driver.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. was certainly one such driver. What’s interesting about autographs is that different fans want them in different places, sometimes on pieces of paper and sometimes on their body. Dale Jr. had some interesting experiences with signing autographs and when asked about his ‘strangest autograph experience’, he replied signing on a “prosthetic limb”. He further added:

“You get people ask you to autograph their arm or their shoulder and for me that’s uncomfortable. It makes me uncomfortable. I was at an autograph session the other week and a guy came up and he’s like I want your autograph my arm, I’m gonna get it tattooed. I’m like ah this is such a terrible decision.”

“It was the Indianapolis, I think it was my very first time racing at Indy. I was in my bus and there was a bunch of people outside and I went out there to sign autographs, they were waiting for autograph and somebody took their leg off and handed it to me and I was like oh!.”

However strange it may be, it is a nice gesture from Earnhardt Jr., who won NASCAR’s Most Popular Driver Award for 15 straight seasons, for the fans who will remember the moment for their life.

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