Martin Truex Jr. hits out at Chastain

“It’s the Cup Series, we don’t typically race like that” – Martin Truex Jr. hits out at Chastain

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Martin Truex Jr. shed more light on what happened with him and Ross Chastain after the NASCAR Cup Series race at Dover Motor Speedway.

Truex and Chastain were fighting for the third position when they tangled. While Chastain was unaffected by the incident and finished third, Truex finished 12th.

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So, after the race, Truex approached Chastain to talk about the incident. Speaking about his frustration, Truex explained what irked him the most in that race.

“Well, he came up. I mean, I had a run to the outside, and he, his spotter told him I was there, and he just came up like I wasn’t there,” Truex said . “So it caused me to lift and get in the marbles, ultimately crashed and lost six spots, seven, eight spots. So I don’t really know the reason. He ran me all over the race track all day, and I get it. He’s air-blocking. These cars are terrible in dirty air, he’s doing what he has to do, but I’m talking three lanes up the race track, all over.

“Like literally, just completely blowing and forgetting about making lap time. The guys in front of us are driving away, and he’s screwing around with me for fourth place. It’s the Cup Series, we don’t typically race like that. I just thought it was kind of uncalled for. And then obviously, the incident I was mad about — I wasn’t mad about the rest of it, which is ridiculous, but it is what it is, some guys will do it. And then the deal at the end of the race, just blatantly running me out of race track, that was what I was mad about.”

Truex is yet to win a race this season while Chastain has two. However, there is not much difference between them in the Series standings, with Chastain sitting in the 6th place, just 2 points more than Truex.

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