NASCAR going through a big change William Byron

NASCAR going through a big change for the better – William Byron

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William Byron is optimistic about NASCAR’s future as the sport sees higher at-track attendance and TV ratings.

The 24-year-old Hendrick Motorsports driver recently signed a three-year contract extension to remain as the driver of the No. 24 Chevrolet. On a personal level, it has been a fantastic start to the 2022 season for Byron, who is only one of two drivers to register multiple wins this season.

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Additionally, the introduction of the Next Gen car has also put NASCAR with a lot of optimism for the future. Reflecting on the state of sports and its popularity, Byron commented:

“I think our sport is going through a big change; a change for the better, really. We’re really thriving I think as a sport – seeing how much the fans are turning out to the races, how the TV ratings are and things like that,” he said.

“It’s exciting. For somebody like me coming into the sport, I’m 24-years-old and hopefully have a long career ahead. I want to see this sport do well. I want to see fans be interested in what I’m doing.

“I’ve got a lot of support from friends from high school, and things like that, that are watching the races. I didn’t get those messages a few years ago, so it’s cool to see that. Hopefully, as drivers, we can continue to benefit from the success of the sport.”

Less than four years into his Cup Series career, Byron is proving to be a real asset to his team. Currently, he sits third in the Cup Series standings with two wins.

The audience increasing attraction towards the sport will come as a good motive for the driver who plans to be in the sports for a long time.

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