Kyle Larson responds to Denny Hamlin

“He’ll learn a lot from here” – Kyle Larson comments on Denny Hamlin’s controversial tweet

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Recently, Denny Hamlin made the headlines for the wrong reasons regarding a controversial tweet which was racially insensitive.

Hamlin’s tweet was a cheeky dig to Larson who triggered a crash that wrecked both the 23XI Racing team’s car, a team that Hamlin co-owns. However, Hamlin’s way of having fun was racially insensitive and NASCAR ordered him to take sensitivity training.

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Hamlin on his part acknowledged his poor choice of words and apologized to Larson. Larson was recently asked about the incident. The defending champion said that the action of his friend Hamlin was a “poor judgement” and that he will learn from the incident.

“Yeah, NASCAR did what it had to do and I appreciate Denny going through the steps to learn from that. Obviously it’s poor judgment on his part and I think you’re being in a position you’ve to be very careful about what you put up to the public. I know he’ll learn a lot from here in the next couple of weeks. I think we’re all ready to move past it and get back to focus on racing.”

“I wasn’t offended by it but I know because he’s my friend but I know and I think he knows now that there’s millions of other people that tweet like that. No hard feelings for me.”

Hamlin is the second Joe Gibbs Racing driver since last October to take the sensitivity training after Kyle Busch. Larson who faced suspension from NASCAR in 2020 for a use of racial slur certainly knows the consequence of one’s choice of words and actions and the importance of not offending any race, culture or religion just for one’s fun. As Larson did, Hamlin will certainly learn from here.

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