Wallace triggered big crash at Talladega

“He don’t listen to me. That’s a known fact” – Spotter Freddie Kraft after Bubba Wallace triggered big crash at Talladega

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Bubba Wallace’s return to his last year’s win site Talladega didn’t go as planned as he caused a major crash during the race’s second stage.

The 23XI Racing driver was wishing that he would turn in a good race at the track where he won his first Cup Series race last year. However, he could only muster a 17th-place finish. Not just that, he also caused a major crash as his contact with Joey Logano sent the Team Penske driver towards the wall and on the rebound, the No. 22 car collected other cars causing the big crash.

As is the duty of a spotter, Wallace’s spotter Freddie Kraft must have made him aware of the situation and the move. One of the fans was very critical of the communication between Wallace and Kraft, who said:

“Freddie, if you need, give me a call, I know some sign language. We can work on getting you some proficient sign language. Because it seems like Bubba (Wallace) is deaf, doesn’t know how to use his ears to listen,” the fan said. “So you can sign to him to hear, to see a spotter now that you’re going to be signing to him so he doesn’t run over (Joey) Logano.”

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And in fact, Kraft revealed that he informed Wallace about the situation over the radio.

“I said, ‘Tight, tight, tight. Keep pushing,”  Kraft revealed his message in an episode of Door Bumper Clear podcast.

Another spotter TJ Majors highlighted another similar incident in Atlanta before asking the question:

“Damn, he doesn’t listen, does he?”

To which Kraft replied:

“No, he don’t listen to me. That’s a known fact.”

While before the race, Logano spoke of Wallace’s growth from an aggressive racer on a superspeedway, which made him fairly easy to beat, to a driver who “plays to that patient piece” and who has “upped his game”, Logano must have been disappointed that he made such comments before the race after what happened.

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  1. there is only one reason he won his first and probably only race and we know why every other race is set back till monday but Nascar fell into the new trap and gave him a win on the biggest track which we all know he could never win there or any where else he very dangerous on the track get him out

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