Kyle Petty gives his verdict on NASCAR Next Gen cars

“You can’t pull the wool over their eyes” – Kyle Petty gives his verdict on NASCAR Next Gen cars

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Former NASCAR driver Kyle Petty has mixed reviews for the NASCAR Next Gen cars in the 2022 Cup Series season.

After much anticipation and wait, Next Gen cars made their debut in the Cup Series from this season. We are now 10 races into the 2022 season and we have already seen how Next Gen cars run on different tracks. While there are positive signs, there are also things to be desired about. Petty in his analysis of the car said that fans can see where the cars run great and that NASCAR cannot pretend that the Next Gen car is great on all tracks.

“We’re seeing some fantastic racing some weeks, and not so fantastic racing in other weeks. We have to be honest, race fans are smart people. You can’t pull the wool over their eyes. You can’t tell them something is great when they’re looking at it, and they know its not.”

“I think what we’ve gotten into, is we’re seeing some great racing on the mile and a half/two mile race tracks. We saw some great racing at Atlanta, best kind of racing we’ve ever seen. So we’ve seen some good solid racing. Then we hit the short tracks and it kind of went away. I think it kind of went away because of the parity.”

While Next Gen cars didn’t fare well in the short tracks, it is good that they have other tracks where they are great. However, by no means, the car is the end product but can take all the feedback from NASCAR professionals and improve in the future.

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