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NASCAR Spotter Brett Griffin gives his verdict on next possible destination for “little baby” Kyle Busch

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NASCAR Spotter Brett Griffin is of the opinion that not many teams in the NASCAR Cup Series can afford Kyle Busch.

The Joe Gibbs Racing driver recently showed doubts regarding his future with the team, with regards to the lack of sponsors after M&M’s departure after the current season.

While the general consensus is that it will be resolved and Busch will continue to drive for JGR. However, this is not to say that the departure is not possible as anything can happen. But, Griffin said that Busch won’t have many choices for his new team even if he sets his heart on departing JGR.

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Speaking on Door Bumper Clear podcast, Griffin said:

“Who can afford to hire Kyle Busch other than Joe Gibbs Racing?”

“Stewart Haas Racing is the only team looking at Kyle Busch and thinking, ‘Hm, I might want Kyle Busch to come and drive here. I don’t think he fits the Penske mould. I don’t think he’s gonna go back to Hendrick (Motorsports).”

“There’s only a few teams out there that could realistically afford Kyle Busch,” he continued. “There’s only a few teams out there that would give Kyle Busch an opportunity to win.”

“And when he doesn’t win, he acts like a little baby.”

Toyota has already expressed its desire to keep Busch and would certainly not want the driver who won the two championships to go that easily, especially when the driver still has a lot to offer in the NASCAR’s top tier.

However, going by Busch’s words, he seems very calm about the situation and seems indifferent to the idea that he might leave JGR.

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