Bubba Wallace Talladega return

“Still dumba**es today” – Bubba Wallace responds to the negative comments he still receives about Talladega win

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Even months after Bubba Wallace’s first Cup Series win at Talladega, there are people who don’t want to accept his victory as fair.

It was back in October 2021 that Wallace got his first win. The rain was cut short due to rain and with Wallace leading he was declared the winner. Many point out that Wallace won only because of the rain and some even claim that NASCAR wanted Wallace to win.

However, Wallace is not the first driver to win a race due to rain and no other driver has received the same amount of hate for this fact. The 23XI Racing driver pointed out the fact that a lot of drivers have won under similar conditions before him.

“There’s been plenty of instances where those have happened, and teams have capitalized on it,” he said. “The people that aren’t fans of yours and are just going to continue to carry that to the grave that it was rigged, or we only won because it rained. All of the 40 drivers in the field knew it was going to rain. Why didn’t they win?”

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Even after months from his win, Wallace continues to receive negative comments on his social media post.

“You can’t spend too much time on there and feed into that, although I do go back and read the comments,” he said. “Every post that I click on there—I just go back and read the comments because it’s like ugh, no, still dumba**es today.”

Nothing much one can do to such people except for ignoring them and doing things one does best.

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