Denny Hamlin takes cheeky swipe at Kyle Larson

Denny Hamlin takes cheeky swipe at Kyle Larson for wrecking 23XI pair Bubba Wallace & Kurt Busch

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Kyle Larson made a silly move to his right in the closing stages on Sunday at Talladega from the bottom to the top that wrecked 23XI duo Kurt Busch and Bubba Wallace.

Understandably that move by Larson ruffle some feathers with the 23XI Racing co-owner, Denny Hamlin afterwards.

Denny Hamlin shared a edited video of the last lap incident at Talladega taking a cheeky swipe at Kyle Larson for crashing out 23XI Racing duo Bubba and Kurt saying: “I leave this here without comment.”

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Hamlin made it clear why he posted the video:“Let me say this. I tweet because A it’s funny as sh*t. B because we are friends.”

“Oh and C. Yes I’m aware I wrecked him at Atlanta… lighten up people!!! Have a laugh and enjoy the day.”

In an interview following his Richmond win found Denny Hamlin himself is unhappy with 23XI Racing’s performance so far in 2022 as he had mixed reactions about Richmond when looking back at the 2022 Cup Series season.

“NCBSports Dustin Long asked what’s needs be done with 23xi current struggles: yeah it has i mean again just trying to stop the bleeding there and you know it’s know i said uh earlier this week you know it’s just the the win like was really exciting until you know you get out on the car and you look down the pylon and say what the you know like what the f*ck  going on – Said Hamlin”

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