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“They don’t belong on dirt” – Bubba Wallace spotter with very strong message towards NASCAR

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NASCAR’s Cup Series race at Bristol Motor Speedway has been dividing opinions even after the successful completion of the race.

Not all NASCAR professionals are sold on the idea of dirt racing at Bristol Motor Speedway. However, the criticism is not directed towards just one particular thing. For example, defending champion Kyle Larson didn’t like NASCAR’s idea of the windshield in such dirt racing.

Recently, Bubba Wallace spotter Freddie Kraft came up with his own criticism towards dirt racing at Bristol. His main concern is the weight of the cars NASCAR uses in such races and the number of laps run. Kraft said:

“The fact of the matter is, these cars, they don’t belong on dirt. These things are a 1000 pounds heavier than any other dirt car in the world. We’re running a 150 laps at least, more than any other dirt races in the world. The longest dirt race I can think of, is the World 100. We’re talking 100s of laps.

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He further reiterated his opinion by saying that not any other dirt race runs as many laps and the cars in the Cup Seris are not made to run on dirt.

“If you go to any dirt race, whether its in Outlaws, USAC Midgets, majority of the dirt races are somewhere between 35 and 50 laps. We’re out here running 250 laps with a car that’s not made to run on dirt.”

He joins other figures such as Dale Earnhardt Jr, Kyle Busch, and Rodney Childers in criticizing NASCAR’s version of dirt racing. However, in terms of viewers, it was the most viewed Bristol race since 2016 with 4.007 million viewers on Fox Sports.

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