Kyle Busch compares himself to Dale Earnhardt Sr.

“You will never be a 7x champ” – Fans outraged as Kyle Busch compares himself to Dale Earnhardt Sr.

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After his win at the Bristol Motor Speedway, Kyle Busch compared himself to Dale Earnhardt Sr. which angered the NASCAR fans.

In winning at Bristol, he is now tied with Richard Petty as the driver with at least a win in 18 consecutive seasons. While there is no doubt that the two-time Cup Series champion is one of the best drivers NASCAR has had, but the comparison he made himself with legendary Earnhardt Sr. didn’t go well at all with NASCAR fans.

After his win, Busch said:

“We got one. Doesn’t matter how you get them. It’s all about getting them,” said Busch, who was greeted by a cascade of boos from the Bristol crowd. “I mean, man, I feel like Dale Earnhardt Sr. right now. This is awesome. I didn’t do anything. he added

“It’s just a testament to our team, Joe Gibbs Racing, Toyota … and it being fast, fast enough to stay in contention, fast enough to see those guys. I don’t know why we couldn’t fire off after it rained, both times. It just would not fire. Took it about 20 laps to get going.

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Many fans called out Busch as disrespectful for the comparison while others pointed out that while Earnhardt Jr. was the most respected driver in NASCAR history, Busch is one that is hated.


While Busch is not comparing himself with the seven-time champion in terms of racing skills, the comparison with such a figure is certain to bring about criticism. As one of the polarizing figures in NASCAR, this incident will only make fans hate him more.

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6 thoughts on ““You will never be a 7x champ” – Fans outraged as Kyle Busch compares himself to Dale Earnhardt Sr.”

  1. James D Cravens

    I have no idea what Kyle Busch thinks he is , but he will never command the respect that Dale Earnhardt Sr. did . On or off the track .

  2. Kyle has a way of making comments that upset fans. He said he felt like Sr. not that he was better than Dale Sr. I can remember many boos when Sr won by knocking a driver out but that is racing. Kyle’s job is to win races for the owner I’m sure Mr, Gibbs speaks to him when necessary. I appreciate all the work he and his wife do to help parents that want children paying for procedures etc, I think there is a heart in that chest.

  3. I don’t think Kyle compared himself to Earnhardt for anything except the boos. Dale always got booed at Bristol. All you Kyle haters
    Want to start anything negative regarding Kyle

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