Dale Earnhardt Jr disagree with NASCAR for Racing on Easter Sunday

“We need Easter Sunday off” – Dale Earnhardt Jr disagree with NASCAR for Racing on Easter Sunday

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Bristol Motor Speedway dirt race in the NASCAR Cup Series race is set to take place this Easter weekend.

Former driver Dale Earnhardt Jr is not a fan of NASCAR decision to race on Easter Sunday saying it’s an tradition.

Earnhardt Jr declared that Easter Sunday should remain a holiday.

He said, “Spot off. I think we need Easter Sunday off. We need to be home with our families, hiding easter eggs in the yard with our kids. Its tradition.”

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Dale Earnhardt Jr also pointed out that the drivers and crew will hardly have time on their hands to celebrate the holiday with their families.

Earlier this week Earnhardt Jr revealed he agreed didn’t with NASCAR sanctions on Ty Gibbs for Sam Mayer bust-up.

Dale Earnhardt Jr Said, “I don’t think any penalties should be given to any drivers. I didn’t see anything that went over the line. All the on-track stuff even after the chequered flag I’m fine with it and I think everything happened on pit road gets handled by the court of public opinion.”

“The polices itself around things like that. Nothing that I saw went beyond, went across the line into being a mockery or making the sport look bad. All the things that I saw gonna create interest, gonna sell tickets and gonna get us in the news in a good way.”, continued the semi-retired driver.

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4 thoughts on ““We need Easter Sunday off” – Dale Earnhardt Jr disagree with NASCAR for Racing on Easter Sunday”

  1. Why oh why did Nascar decide to race on Easter Weekend, I’m a diehard fan but I certainly won’t be watching. This is the most Sacred time of the year and families get together for the holiday. The drivers and crew will not have any time to celebrate with their families and children with all the festivities that go with Easter Sunday. The biggest mistake was racing at Bristol as well we love to see a race at Bristol but we won’t be this time. Please think about this terrible decision next year.

  2. Even though I don’t like racing on Easter, we are at the track and they have a great service planned at the track. Max Lacado is preaching. Richard Smith is singing as well as the lead singer of Rascal Flatts. They also put that race at night so people can go to chirch, have family gathering before. The church service is televised on FS1

  3. Jimmy Milholand

    Yes it’s wrong to be racing on this of Holly days this is Jesus Christ day of respect what he has done and the price he paid for us by giving his life for us on the cross I wish the cars would carry big crosses to protest the racing on this day to send a message to NASCAR all they care about is money

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