Hailie Deegan's suggestion that NASCAR should shorten length of races

NASCAR fans react to Hailie Deegan’s suggestion that NASCAR should shorten length of races

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Hailie Deegan claimed that NASCAR should cut down the number of races per year and even decrease the length of the races if they are to attract the young generation.

As a 20-year-old driver, Deegan’s words have some credibility because she would know better what would appeal to the young NASCAR fans. And especially for NASCAR, it is important that they increase their popularity among young people. Writing in her Twitter post, Deegan tweeted:

“Also in my opinion a lot of people don’t have 4 hours 36x a year to spend watching a race on tv.”

“Think about it. As a driver your not gonna sit and ride for half the race if the length is shorter. Nothing happens during most cup races till the last stage for that reason.”

“Also if you want younger fans to take interest, you have to keep in mind their attention span is shorter.”

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But on the other side of the argument, the 36 races and the long races makes NASCAR what it is: it is what the fans are used to for now and a sport should not compromise its essential characteristics to just have the attention of young people with short attention span.

Many fans pointed out these factors in expressing their disagreement with Deegan.

However, it should be noted that the number of races and the race lengths are not absolute factors. In fact, like all the sports, NASCAR has gone through revisions in the past and it will certainly in the future. Right now, the format may appeal to more people but it can certainly change in the future.

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