Denny Hamlin frustrated with 23XI Racing performance

“What The F*ck?! What’s going on?” – Denny Hamlin frustrated with 23XI Racing performance

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Denny Hamlin got his long awaited win for Joe Gibbs Racing earning their first Cup Series victory of the season at Richmond.

Hamlin found himself is unhappy with 23XI Racing’s performance so far in 2022 as he had mixed reactions about Richmond when looking back at the 2022 Cup Series season.

While Denny Hamlin was superb at Richmond the same can’t be said about his co-owned team 23XI racing which couldn’t put on a decent performances on the day.

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23XI teammates Bubba Wallace and Kurt Busch finished the race in P26 and P35 respectively at Richmond last weekend.

Speaking about 23XI struggles in a media session this weekend, Hamlin candidly said : “The win (last week) was really exciting until you get out of the car, look at the pylon and go “what the f*ck?”

NCBSports Dustin Long asked what’s needs be done with 23xi current struggles: yeah it has i mean again just trying to stop the bleeding there and you know it’s know i said uh earlier this week you know it’s just the the win like was really exciting until you know you get out on the car and you look down the pylon and say what the you know like what the f*ck  going on – Said Hamlin

but it’s just agitating you know because it’s different things on different teams um but it’s just a two-week slump that we got to get out of but you know we’re trying to address all the issues that there is 23 cars you know pit crews not doing well i’m cussing them out because you know we’re just not doing a good enough job over there so :He added

It’s worth noting that Kurt Busch performance hasn’t been up to par this season either. His best finish coming in Hampton where he managed a P3 finish, the other races have been pretty average by his standards.

Bubba Wallace finishes this season are 19th Fontana, 25th in Las Vegas, 22nd in Phoenix, 13th in Hampton, 38th in Austin, and 26th last week in Richmond. Bubba is ranked 22nd in the Cup Series standings with 133 points.

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  1. What did you expect, puting a 3rd rate driver in a competitive car would produce wins? You have to pair a competitive driver with a competitive car to win races.

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