Chad Knaus blatantly called out NASCAR while in the booth at Martinsville

“Racing went to sh*t when they got rid of the ride height rules” – Chad Knaus blatantly called out NASCAR while in the booth at Martinsville

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Leading a race-best 212 laps, HMS William Byron held off an overtime charge from Team Penske Joey Logano to win at Martinsville Speedway Saturday night.

Byron became the first repeat winner of the Cup Series season so far. The Hendrick Motorsport driver picked up his fourth career win.

Byron dominated much of a somewhat tame race, leading 212 of 403 laps, however a late caution sent the race into a two-lap overtime and bunched the field one last time.

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Chad Knaus was in the Fox Booth, who is also the Vice President of Competition at Hendrick Motorsports made a bold statement live on air but was cut short immediately with a commercial.

“Racing went to shit when they got rid of the ride height rules” said Knaus

Chad Knaus was a fan favorite as many requesting him to be back in booth after Martinsville.

Chad Knaus replaced Tony Stewart in booth serving as an analyst for the Fox Booth for Sunday’s NASCAR Cup Series race at Circuit of the Americas.

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17 thoughts on ““Racing went to sh*t when they got rid of the ride height rules” – Chad Knaus blatantly called out NASCAR while in the booth at Martinsville”

    1. You are absolutely right. I love Chad . And thought I was bias. But he rally was great in the booth

  1. Just about the most boring race to date! Only worthwhile passing was on pit lane! NASCAR has succeeded in screwing up all forms of racing now. First restrictor plates make follow-the-leader racing for all but 5 laps, no this on the short track! Guess I’ll start watching the auction channel on Sundays!

  2. Racing this year is very boring !Winning by pit strategy should not be the norm.We will continue to watch but if the passing doesn’t get better we will be turning the channel!

  3. Richard Zacharias

    I don’t like the new cars at all. Just who is NASCAR trying to appeal to? 18-inch wheels with knock offs?What’s next, replacing the steering wheel with a joy stick and air jacks under all four wheels? Bring back four barrel carbs and make these people work for it.

  4. Robert R. Doan

    I feel asleep before half way through the race……. hasn’t been good since daytona2001…….

    1. Fred Schaffener

      That race changed NASCAR forever. I was there and NASCAR has never been able to recover from it.

  5. Nascar racing has gone to the Dogs …. Plates, Stages, way to many caution flags & nobody can get out of each others way anymore, Each new next Gen car is very BORING … Go back to the 60’s 70’s 80’s style of racing or go Home !!!

  6. Nascar went woke.. Whats worse than listening to a woman do her best to sound tough.. Totally boring.. The races are overly effeminate.. Tony Stewart has no business broadcasting to anyone or thing.. I saw a boy die and Stewarts temper was involved..

    1. Your an idiot talking about Tony’s accident The guy should have not got out of the car and should not have walked down the track they were all told before the race to stay in your car unless it’s life threatening wait for the safe team , he didn’t

  7. NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing) Now that the lug nuts are a thing of the past is there anything on these cars that is stock? It should be NAFSCAR (National Association for Fake Stock Car Auto Racing). You can’t tell one make car from the other unless you can see the little decal on the fake front grill.

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