Kyle Busch on dirt track in NASCAR

“Dirt Takes Our Sport Backwards” – Kyle Busch sides with Richard Petty regarding controversial dirt track in NASCAR

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Last year, NASCAR introduced dirt racing at the Bristol Motor Speedway but not all drivers liked the idea of this type of racing in NASCAR.

The dirt racing at Bristol added a different layer of racing to the NASCAR and was considered a positive change. However, with the second edition of the race coming soon, not all drivers are happy about it and it is particularly Kyle Busch even suggested that NASCAR should remove the track from their schedule.

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Busch follows in the footstep of NASCAR legend Richard Petty who said that dirt racing is not professional and it takes the industry backward.

“I have to be careful here. Because there’s some politics involved, and I don’t want to annihilate NASCAR on this. I guess I’m looking at it from an old-time deal because we spent years and years and years trying to become a professional sport. Years and years to get away from that stigma. But dirt-track racing is not professional, so we’re going backward. It would be like taking a professional football team and going back to play at a high school field.”

When asked about dirt racing in NASCAR, Busch quoted Petty by saying that “dirt takes our sports backward”.

The JGR driver was also asked about the team closing in on 200 wins. He said that it meant a lot but it isn’t a big deal for him because he won most of the races. He further added that dirt racing in NASCAR is a “mess” and unlike the good dirt shows that he has seen in racing disciplines.

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2 thoughts on ““Dirt Takes Our Sport Backwards” – Kyle Busch sides with Richard Petty regarding controversial dirt track in NASCAR”

  1. Please keep off the dirt tracks with your boring Nascrap cars. I can watch a 1000 mile dirt race. I sometimes tune in to the last 10 laps of Nascrap to see if someone tries to pass another car! AND I raced pavement for 20 years! Wish I’d stuck with dirt now. 🙁

  2. Bristol is not a dirt track if you want to race on the dirt go to a actual dirt race track like Eldora where you could run lap after lap and still be on dirt. Dirt on a concrete race track the dirt gives way. With this idea you might as well change Daytona to dirt so that you can take off the restrictor plates and run as fast as you can. I have been to Bristol and it is a great concrete track and extremely fast. Once again leave Bristol the way it is and go to a real dirt track they only have it at Bristol cuz they can fit more fans

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