Sam Mayer details his side of the story about the fight with Ty Gibbs

“He threw couple of punches, they were weak” – Sam Mayer details his side of the story about the fight with Ty Gibbs

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Ty Gibbs dominated the entire night at Martinsville but unfortunately had the car to beat, in the final laps, Sam Mayer spun the tires on the outside lane. As he got sideways he clipped teammate Noah Gragson and spun him across the track.

Sam Mayer and Ty Gibbs entered pit road and climbed from their cars, Gibbs was obviously mad with Mayer, stepping over to Mayer car and immediately started tangle between two.

When Gibbs made the first contact with Mayer, the two got into some yelling and pushing which led to punches afterwards.

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Following the tussle between both drivers at Martinsville Sam Mayer gave his side of the story about the tangle with Ty Gibbs.

Mayer said: yeah i mean $100,000 on the line i put the bumper to him because that’s what short track racing’s all about, and he got upset and yeah yeah he’s short track racing all that nonsense so whatever he threw a couple punches they were weak so i can’t say much about that it’s kind of funny.

but I  just put the bumper to him and he got upset about it but he’s been doing that to everyone else for a hun every week so far so i’ll understand how i can do that one fighting you do you telling him to take his helmet off that’s what it kind of looked like on the video yeah it’s kind of funny because he walked up to me i had my helmet off already and he kept his helmet on so obviously he was scared about something or he had in his mind to throw a punch the whole time so that’s on him not me,

i’ll talk to him if he wants to but I’m fine i couldn’t care less I’m going to move on and race everybody just as hard because that’s what that’s what the city series is all about so i’m going to go out there do my best and he can do whatever he wants and at the end of the day anyone can do whatever they want him because he’s put that himself in that reputation so it doesn’t matter. He added

Watch the Ty Gibbs vs Sam Mayer video below.

Crew members from both teams quickly jumped in. Gibbs then put Mayer into a headlock before both drivers fell to the ground.

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