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So, NASCAR seems to want to make William Darrell “Bubba” Wallace, the face of NASCAR. How’s that working out? This, is in no way, about race for me. Full stop! It is, however, for NASCAR, they are the ones pushing this, in my opinion for no other reason than publicity. There’s no other logical conclusion. I judge on performance and results. And being a fair minded induvial, Mr. Wallace is a fair driver. Not great, and certainly not at a performance level (Not to mention his foul temper), that earns him the “Face of NASCAR” proclamation.

So lets look at the results and performance.

The folks that want to defend Bubba will instantly point to his win at Talladega. O.K. A rain shortened race in which 118 laps of a scheduled 188 were actually ran, 70 laps short. Who actually believes that he would have won that race if it was ran in it’s entirety? Its possible of course. And of course, a win is a win.

Now the hard facts-
Mr. Wallace has raced in 154 races at the Cup level.
Wins-1 .01%, Top 5’s-7 4.5%, Top 10’s-13 8.4%, and 10.2% podium finish. (I could not even find how many career DNF’S he has, other than 8 in 2021). He has never had a pole, has led only 111 laps at the cup level, has an average finish of 22.1 with his best finish in the standings of 20th in 2021. He does occasionally have a great run, usually at a superspeedway. But I ask, do these kind of stats remind anyone of a superstar of any sport?

I personally have nothing against Bubba, I want him, and all drivers, to perform and excel and represent our sport at the highest level.

I just personally believe that NASCAR and the so called NASCAR media pundits need to focus on things other than this wok agenda. As a salesman in my real life, I know that a product of quality sells itself and does not need to be hyped.

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1 thought on “BUBBA, BUBBA, BUBBA!”

  1. Great post Dave. I do agree that on most tracks he is a mid-pack or average driver. And though I am not a fan, I also admit that if he does get a win it will most likely be a super speedway.

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