Annoyed Bubba Wallace Informs Spotter Freddie Kraft he sucked at COTA after flying wheels

Annoyed Bubba Wallace Informs Spotter Freddie Kraft he sucked at COTA after flying wheels

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23XI racing driver Bubba Wallace saw his race take an unlucky turn on lap 45 at COTA.

Bubba Wallace left front wheel and tire flew off on his No. 23 Toyota Camry heading into turn 16 on Sunday.

As seen from FOX video footage below, a single lug nut pop off of the wheel, before the wheel dislodged from the car.

Bubba Wallace told his spotter Freddie Kraft he sucked today and laughed, Freddie replied saying he wished he could say the same about him but Bubba had actually been doing pretty well today at COTA.

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A Frustrated Bubba Tweeted

Bubba crew chief Bootie Barker is now expected face a four-race Cup Series suspension for the wheels flying off and his front tire changer Michael Louria and jackman Caleb Dirks.

Bubba tells Freddie he’ll catch up with him on the plane.

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23 thoughts on “Annoyed Bubba Wallace Informs Spotter Freddie Kraft he sucked at COTA after flying wheels”

  1. Bubba needs to grow up and accept responsibility. It seems like every week he’s blaming someone or something for coming up short. Boring and childish

    1. Carlton Maddox

      I mean, if your pit crew doesn’t secure your tire, it’s actually not your fault, like wtf?

    2. I agree. Even if it’s another driver this had happened to the driver needs to stop and think who is the one that gets penalized. The driver will be at the next track ready to roll whereas the crew chief and others may be banned from the track. Grow up Bubba.

    3. Bubba is nothing more than a spoiled brat

      Nascar kisses his ass to accommodate his bs.
      It’s getting old and sickening.
      He needs to shut up and drive

      1. You sure got that right. He complains about something every week after the race blaming eveybody but himself because he’s always messing up. He needs to get a job!!

  2. His is a nobody trying to be somebody in a true man sport,always blaming somebody else of his doing

    1. He sho ain’t a Harry Gant. Harry NEVER took the credit and always claimed all the blame. MR. SEPTEMBER

  3. Just to be clear here.. Bubba did not cause that tire to come off. It is the crew chief’s responsibility to make sure the tire carrier and changer are trained well enough to not to screw up a single lug tire change.

  4. We don’t care what he’s crying about THIS week, or last week or next week!!! Just another cry baby that thinks everybody is against him, that everything is unfair, that nobody likes him. Go to a retirement home and tell his news, don’t bother us!! We don’t care!!!

  5. Bubbles alway cry, whining and looking for others to blame. He was running so poor the only chance he had at seeing anything close to the front was to stay out when the real drivers made pit stops. Loose wheel or no, the best he would have done was bottom third.

  6. For whomever wrote the story, it wasn’t front wheel that fell off, it was driver side rear. Why didn’t Nascar just put the wheel/tire assembly back on? They had it up in air. Put the wheel/tire in one truck and hauled car off on the hook….

  7. Was he saying the spotter sucked or was he telling the splitter that he himself sucked?
    Bubba hasn’t improved one bit since he started racing in Nascar. That is why many don’t care for him. He needs to take control of himself and be the man he thinks he is!

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