Kyle Busch denies he was at fault for Austin Dillion Wreck

“I Hate It for Him, I Think He Lost It” – Kyle Busch denies he was at fault for Austin Dillon Wreck

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Kyle Busch and Austin Dillon had a little coming together at the Atlanta Motor Speedway race last Sunday in Stage 1 after the restart with only 5 laps to go in the stage.

Austin Dillon ran third in the outside lane with Kyle Busch on his rear bumper going into Turn 4. Both drivers hadn’t cleared the pit road entrance when Busch’s aggressive push got Dillon loose, sending him crashing into the outside wall.

Austin Dillon claims Kyle Busch was at fault for the wreck

Dillon was not afraid to lay the blame on Joe Gibbs Racing Kyle Busch as the man who ended his day early.

“No, I was in the gas wide open, and the 18 was pushing us on the left rear from what I saw,” Dillon said when asked if he checked up on Turn 4. “Got me loose and took us both out of the race.

It didn’t help that the other two cars were coming up the track, so it took some air off the nose, but he’s already got me turned right there.”

Kyle Busch heading into COTA this weekend denied that he was at fault for the Austin Dillion wreck in Atlanta.

“I think the air changed in front of him and he wasn’t ready for the air change that happened and then he got loose, and then I touched him.” – Said Kyle Busch

“I certainly wouldn’t have pushed through the corner. I’m smarter than that, better than that. Wasn’t trying to push anyone else, any other part of the day, through the corner, wasn’t the time in the day to be pushing. We’re not even to the first stage yet so.”

Last Sunday incident in Atlanta wasn’t the first time the two drivers have had a go at with each other. Last Season, Dillon got into the left rear of Busch at Darlington, sending Kyle Busch into the wall and ending his day early.

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  1. It never Cry Baby Busch’s fault, he not man enough to admit he is far to aggressive and in many cases “just down right DIRTY!”

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