Kyle Petty makes bold remark that William Byron is the future of HMS

Kyle Petty makes bold remark that William Byron is the future of HMS not Chase Elliott or Kyle Larson

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Hendrick Motorsports driver William Byron got his third win in the NASCAR Cup Series and his first for the current season.

William Byron is now HMS third driver to win a race within the first five races of the 2022 Cup Series season.

Former NASCAR driver Kyle Petty made a bold statement not many will agree to on this week new NASCARonNBC Podcast, Petty believes William Byron is the anchor and future of ⁦Hendrick Motorsports

“It’s BS. And it showed that this week,” – Tony Stewart hit back at fans who got personal and questioned SHR Poor 2021

Listen i think william byron is home but i think he was home when he got there, i don’t think i don’t believe Rick Hendrick to have any intention of ever letting William Byron out of his grasp. I know we’ve seen Chase i know we’ve seen Kyle Larson and we see Alex just continue to win and it’s amazing, hey i mean he’s just there he’s solid and he’s there. said Petty

but and i i’ve said it and i’ve said it on our pre-race i’ve said it a million times on NBC i think William Byron is the anchor and the future of wha Hendricks Motorsport is i don’t think it’s chase chase sorry i don’t think i’ve signed a five-year deal it’s not him don’t care don’t care.

Kyle Petty claims William Byron is the man at HMS

I think when William Byron hits his stride we’re going to be sitting here and i honestly believe we’re going to be sitting here with comparisons to Jeff Gordon and Jimmy Johnson.

The 61-y-o say Chase Elliott can’t be compared to NASCAR legends Jeff Gordon or Jimmie Johnson because he’s only good at road courses.

I don’t hear that about Chase i hear oh Chase wants road courses, i don’t see that you know last time Chase Elliott won an oval was phoenix when he won the Championship that’s not Jimmie Johnson that’s not Jeff Gordon those guys are competitive everywhere Byron has been competitive a lot of places they’ve just got to get past that that point they gotta break through that

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