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Wow, is my first impression, Just WOW! We witnessed three great races this past weekend at Atlanta. Don’t let anyone say any different!

For the first time in a very long time, I was absolutely glued to the tube. So much passing, so many lead changes, so many story lines!
The trucks were awesome. Xfinity was unbelievable. And then the Cup guys- Extraordinary!

Hats off and congratulations to the powers that be at Atlanta Motor Speedway!

The newly configured, repaved track is the best upgrade that I, personally have ever seen at any venue. Without going into all the details, because they were displayed all week at nauseum, which made me skeptical going in, (If you feel you have to sell something this hard—-I’m an automatic skeptic). They upped the degree’s of banking all around the track and narrowed the corners, which increased the speeds the cars could go. NASCAR did reduce the horsepower and raise the back spoiler, which initially ticked me off, but when I witnessed the racing product, WOW, It was great!

We had 46 lead changes among 20 different drivers. We had pack racing and drafting, at Atlanta! And for the first time since I was a young man, get ready, we heard the term “Sling Shot Pass!” How awesome was that? The strategies that were in play were incredible, as well!
This race was so good, that Mr. Hendrick suggested doing The Clash at Atlanta instead of The Coliseum. This is why I have loved this guy for so many years, simple common sense!

I seriously hope that places like Kansas, Kentucky, Charolotte, and Texas take notice.
Atlanta proved that the mile and a half track can be exciting, competitive, and an absolute barn burner of a race to watch.

That race this weekend, at Atlanta, in my opinion, was the best race so far of the year, and yes, I include Daytona in that statement.

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