Danica Patrick on why Fitness is not necessary in NASCAR

“you got guys like Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman” – Danica Patrick on why Fitness is not necessary in NASCAR

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Professional Sports athletes are usually required to be in top tier shape. The main reason for athletes to stay fit so they perform to the best of their abilities. However In NASCAR, the same can’t be said according to Danica Patrick.

She said, “You don’t have to be that fit. Especially in NASCAR, there are some drivers you look at and think that they probably don’t work out that much. Physical fitness is important but then you got guys like Tony Stewart and Ryan Newman and they do just fine.

Motorsport Drivers need to practice as much as they can to keep themselves in top tier shape. However, former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick has admitted that fitness is not really important when it comes to NASCAR racing.

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It’s like running a marathon, with an elevated heart rate. The focus comes from practice, but the stamina and hydration is critical. Repetition with the muscles. A general amount of flexibility and some endurance is good. You get conditioned by doing the actual job itself. I am more fit than I need to be to do the job.”

Danica Patrick, the most successful female race car driver of all time, and if she ever gets another chance in the FOX Sports booth with Mike Joy and Clint Bowyer, Danica can hopefully redeem herself.

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