former NASCAR driver defends Danica Patrick

“some of you are out of hand. My God! ” – Despite receiving backlash former NASCAR driver defends Danica Patrick

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Former controversial NASCAR driver Danica Patrick has been in the FOX commentary booth for the last few races on a interim basis.

The 39-y-o raced in both IndyCar and NASCAR she did manage to win a race in IndyCar, however she never got the win she craved so much in NASCAR.

Danica she seems to be doing a quite decent job. It appears that Patrick still has a fair number of critics who don’t like her. Despite that, she got backing form fellow former NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace.

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“Some of you people… Danica Patrick just kills some of you all. I was in the news, accidentally. Just tweeted something nice about Danica Patrick, and they got a hold of it. Wallace said, It was an honor, they liked what I said, they talked about it. Some of you just despise her. To each his own, but some of you are out of hand. My God! She don’t even know you! I always just talked nice about people.

I think if you’re going to take time out to bash somebody you don’t even know. They don’t even know you. It means you don’t know them. So you’re judging from afar, you’re judging based on what you see on TV.”

In her both appearances, Danica referenced her experience racing, and often spoke about her time in IndyCar. When she did that one time in Sunday’s broadcast at Phoenix, Clint Bowyer revealed what himself and several NASCAR fans watching at home were thinking.

“Those space shuttles over there. I don’t know. That doesn’t work over here in this good, this real racing of NASCAR. How ’bout that? Huh? IndyCar,” Bowyer paused. “No. I love it. I’m teasing.”

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