Austin Dillon upset with Suarez for Phoenix wreck

“He called and texted me. I didn’t respond. ” – Austin Dillon upset with Suarez for Phoenix wreck

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Austin Dillion is still upset with Daniel Suarez for a late contact at Phoenix which sent the RCR driver into the wall in the final lap of Sunday’s race.

Suarez late contact ended up costing Dillon a crucial top-10 finish on the day. Dillon was comfortable in seventh place at the time and had both Suarez and Kyle Busch behind him heading into Turn 3. Busch went below Suarez to get pass him. Minor contact was made between the two drivers.

Suarez car recklessly drift up the field and made contact with Austin Dillon car, sending him into the wall. Daniel Suarez took at Instagram to share his apology message to Austin Dillion and his team.


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“I’m so sorry for the 3 team, they deserved better today. Racing hard with him and the 18, I just got pushed into the last corner and into the 3.”

Austin Dillion responded in a not so friendly manner to Suarez Instagram post.

I feel like I got the short end of it, for sure,” Dillon told NBC Sports on Tuesday. “I saw his Instagram, and he called (Monday) and texted me. I didn’t respond.

“I wish he would have just messaged me and said, ‘Hey, I screwed up.’ Instead he said he got pushed into it, or loose brakes, and I just hear excuses from him a lot.”

NASCAR issued four-race suspensions to Corey LaJoie crew chief and two crew members for tire that came off at Phoenix

“You block a guy, you’re probably going to get sent,” Dillon said. “(Suarez) gets nudged going into the corner because he’s out of position. If he just holds his line all the way down the backstretch for seventh, eighth and ninth. I get blocking for the win, top three, whatever, but we’re all three going to finish in the top 10 right there if we all just run the corner.

“The move that he made down the backstretch blocking (Busch) low is what bothered me. Kyle got into him because he was blocking and then, I think, instead of spinning himself out, he used me to stop or even if he was out of control, the brakes are really good on these cars, maybe his were failing or what.”

Austin Dillion got a disappointed 21st place finish at Phoenix Raceway so his frustrations are understable.

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