Bubba Wallace pissed with the performance of his Toyota at Phoenix

“I need a better f***ing car… f***ing terrible.” – Bubba Wallace pissed with the performance of his Toyota Camry at Phoenix Raceway

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Bubba Wallace who’s currently in his second season with 23XI Racing led by Michael Jordan and Denny Hamlin, almost winning the Daytona 500, finishing in second place was high spirits heading into Phoenix this weekend.

NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace joined “CBS Mornings” earlier this to discuss his new docuseries on Netflix, “Race: Bubba Wallace.” He also talked about his fight for racial justice and more representation within the sport.

Bubba is now being a liability week by week compared to his 23XI teammate Kurt Busch on the others the 28-y-o must adapt to the new car in order be competitive in the Cup Series.

Wallace was frustrated shouting over his in-car audio that he needs a better fucking car and that he’s been trying to stay calm however he can’t deal with it anymore.

Bubba describes his Toyota Camry as “Loose’ at Phoenix

Bubba Wallace surprisingly admits to being his own worst critic

“I am trying to stay f***ing calm, but I am f***ing over it. … F***ing terrible.” Said Bubba Wallace

Chase Briscoe got his first ever career NASCAR Cup Series win on Sunday in the Ruoff Mortgage 500 race at Phoenix Raceway with Bubba Wallace finishing 22nd.

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43 thoughts on ““I need a better f***ing car… f***ing terrible.” – Bubba Wallace pissed with the performance of his Toyota Camry at Phoenix Raceway”

    1. Greg Lacquement

      He has to blame something other than the real problem . He never has been a driver he couldn’t win a box car dirty

    1. Need to drive the pamper car number 13 paint it black call it the black pamper this is a race event not a racist event so strap in shut your pie hole and see what you can do

  1. Charles Edward Alford

    If it keeps going like this, you’ll have to fake another noose to stay in the headlines

  2. And nascar keep putting him first he is not in it for racing he is in it to make a name for himself useing the race card to get what he wants .nascar keep him and chase at the top cant see what is going on

    1. He’s finishing exactly where his Talent is. 20 to 30th. Point blank. That shows you how much better Kurt is than him.

  3. It’s unfortunate that I have to preface this by saying that, while Bubba is not the driver I root for every Sunday, I do pull for him to succeed.

    The truth is this new car is a drivers’ car. The higher HP, lower downforce setup is what the drivers asked for in this 7th Gen car. With spec parts, spec bodies, spec chassis, it was meant to “level the playing field”.

    In the last 3 races (intentionally excluding Daytona), you’ve started to see which driver are capable of taking these car to the edge, and get the best out of their equipment. Bubba isn’t yet one of those drivers. Not surprising he’s being outperformed by Kurt and other Toyotas. The trucks he had success in are worlds different from these Cup cars. But the bottom line is: either he better start learning quick, or young guys coming out of Truck and Xfintiy are gonna take his job real quick (i.e Ty Gibbs…..you heard it hear first)

    1. Michael P Shingleton

      I agree with most but I see Ty Gibbs in the 18 next year. With M&M’s leaving , where is Kyle’s Sponsors. Ty will be with Gibbs but Yes, another Young Gun will take Bubba’s place if he keeps mouthing off. Right now I see him as a money maker. All these none racing people buying all his merchandise.

  4. He is similar to Colin Kaepernick in that he is very mediocre at his craft and attempts to divert criticism and remain relevant by blaming others for his shortcomings.

  5. Stop crying to be treated special n work on driving like the front runners maybe you should try golf


  7. Mark A Everson

    Typical entitlement. You’re just a “token” Bubba. If you were white nobody would even know your name. Things would be better for you if would accept the fact that you suck as a driver.

    1. just amazeing nascar has a picture of four champinship winners and bubba how does he rate to be on it when so much better drivers are in nascar dont get any tv time

      1. I said the same exactly the same thing. He is where he is because the color of skin kinda because he is half white and you never hear him talk about that. I’ve always said he sucked as a driver and looks like I was right

      2. Talmadge Nettles

        IMO NASCAR is putting him front and center because they are the one that made Bubba relevant when they came up with the fake “noose” story to further their “diversity “ agenda. Also, look at the money generated by all of these companies throwing cash to an unknown like Wallace that enriches NASCAR. Companies that have never been involved, all of a sudden is throwing big bucks at Bubba. Then to get control of the big bucks, along come a Gibbs protege to get his share. I just wonder how long the cash will flow without a winning program or driver.

  8. just amazeing nascar has a picture of four champinship winners and bubba how does he rate to be on it when so much better drivers are in nascar dont get any tv time

  9. Come on Nascar haven’t you given him enough showtime. Clearly he isn’t ready to race with the big boys, he can’t quit throwing temper tantrums. He whines and cries mire than the younger generation (Brexton Busch) could probably out race Wallace.

  10. Get over yourself, you’re a mediocre driver at best, and a whiny little bitch all the time. You’re race fodder.

  11. Dale Earnhardt would bitch slap bubba into next year if he heard this. Guarantee Earnhardt would’ve already figured this car out and won 2 races.

  12. Thomas Robinson

    All these negative comments, what does that tell you about the type of people Bubba has to deal with probably in his own race team.

    1. Wow look at you… making excuses for him and falsely accusing others just Like he did! Bubba Gump has a lot in common with Smollett looks like your name can be added to that list too…

    2. All that counts is winning, and he is not doing it yet. If he was another “race” he would already be out of a ride and some one of the young guns, hungry AND talented would have that drive.

  13. Can someone tell me why Nascar has Bubba’s picture along side the more popular drivers? He has done nothing than qualifies him to be there. It’s disgusting!!

  14. I think Darrell has a new empathy for Danica Patrick. He has the opportunity of a lifetime in a well funded team and appears to have a contract full of big incentives based on his actions. I don’t believe he was 100% ready for the job, but he was close. If it weren’t for the over zealous actions of a Minneapolis cop, Darrell would just be disliked by the respondents to this note because of his skin color and not for being drawn into being a spokesman for it. In the end, the responses to this post show that racism is regrettably alive and well in the USA. Personally, Darrell, I liked you better in a Chevrolet.

  15. Bubba Wallace… Not really a great driver. However, it’s NASCAR that needs to learn that race does not win races, skills do. Michael Jordan could take note of this as well.

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