Bubba Wallace surprisingly admits to being his own worst critic

Bubba Wallace surprisingly admits to being his own worst critic

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Being the only full-time African American NASCAR driver in the series Bubba has always been subject to several uncalled for or inappropriate criticisms and scrutiny on and off the race track.

The 28-y-o documentary was recently added to Netflix, titled ‘Race: Bubba Wallace’, giving viewers an insight into the 23XI Racing driver’s life. Fans got to see Bubba Wallace, the determined racecar driver ,as someone who struggles just like us with self-doubt, anxiety, and even depression.

Wallace openly confess  on CBS News that he is his biggest and worst critic as he often goes hard on himself for making mistakes in life.

“Two weeks in a row that he’s thrown his spotter under the bus.” – Bubba Wallace Spotter Calls Out Kyle Larson 

“I am my own worst critic. You know, when I make a mistake, I’m super hard on myself. And sometimes it’s okay to have a little bit of self-motivation, but when you stoop as low as I do, it’s tough to climb back out of,” Bubba said.

“But I think I’ve graduated from that point in my life hopefully. I haven’t made a big enough mistake to let my mind tell me otherwise,” Wallace added.

Bubba Wallace outline how he hopes fans got to have a better look into what it means to be a NASCAR driver. However, Wallace  meant to address the belief that being racing is an easy job.

“It’s a lot, to be a racecar driver,” Bubba said. “You get a glimpse of what it’s like. And that’s what I wanted to showcase for everybody tuning in.”

I wanted to show you how mentally, physical, emotionally, everything, draining that the sport is and what it takes to be successful,” he revealed.

“There’s always people out there – ‘NASCAR isn’t a sport,’”


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