Double yellow- line rule likely to return next week in Atlanta says NASCAR 

Double yellow- line rule likely to return next week in Atlanta says NASCAR 

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According to Chief Operating Officer of NASCAR  Steve O’Donnell next weekend’s race at the Atlanta Motor Speedway will likely use the double yell0w-line rule, usually featured at Daytona and Talladega.

This year corners at the Atlanta Speedway are much steeper at 28 degrees compared to last season 24 degrees.. That makes it the steepest intermediate track on the current NASCAR 2022 schedule.

If any driver choose to make a pass below the yellow line, they will be penalized. This is the first time AMS will exploit the double yellow-line rule following its reconfiguration in an effort of making the racing closer together.

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“Each race has been a bit of a challenge because it’s all new,” Steve O’Donnell stated on Thursday.

“I think you’ll see some things. We’ve had some really good dialog with the drivers coming out of the [Atlanta] test.”

“You’re going to probably see us institute the double-yellow line, similar to what we have at Daytona and Talladega.”

O’Donnell added, “The dialog we’ve had with the drivers, the expectations going in, work with Goodyear, we feel like we’re in a good place for that race. I think the fans will be in for a really good race.”

NASCAR plans to evolve to the point where the head of competition Scott Miller will run race control.

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