Brandon Brown takes dig at NASCAR fans amid new sponsorship

Brandon Brown takes dig at NASCAR fans amid new sponsorship

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Brandon Brown, a Nascar Xfinity driver, winner of the October Xfinity race at Talladega, secured a sponsor by the name of LGBcoin Cryptocurrency.

Initially, Nascar was fine with that. Then, I guess, the wok left got ahold of them, and got their heads straitened out. Then Nascar told Brandon’s team that they could not have them as a sponsor on their car.

NASCAR has gone completely political, to the left, sadly.

The same folks that got offended by the Confederate flag? Without understanding the true meaning/historical facts of said flag? The same folks that actually believed that there was a Noose on Bubba’s garage door?, Ironically, at Talladega.

Many NASCAR supporters openly defended Brown as an unfortunate victim of circumstance, when Brown announced the cryptocurrency deal, they hoped NASCAR would see through the political divisiveness and take a chance on him. some of those  fans criticized the move because of the type of industry and its political nature.

Earlier This week, Brown announced a more mainstream sponsor  and got a similar response. The 28-y-o took to Twitter to call out some fans who he believed to be considered two-mouth.

Brandon Brown takes sarcastic jibe at NASCAR fans

“Ppl: I feel bad for Brandon, I hope he gets a sponsor out of this mess, all he did was win a race,” Brown tweeted.

“Me: Hey everyone a new company is taking a chance on me and sponsoring our car! Help me welcome them!

“Ppl: they look fake, they don’t have followers, that check is gonna bounce”

I call B.S. If you lived in the south, or had ANY critical thought process, you would understand the true history of all of this. (That knot is standard for most pulls on garage doors, period!) Nothing Racial.

According to Information from sources, LGBcoin has doubled down on full sponsorship for Brandon Brown, forced to be behind the scene. Even though they cannot be on the car. Think about that! Ghost sponsorship! 8 figures. That’s amazing, to get behind a guy, completely fund the effort, and not be allowed to advertise your product, says a lot, about their commitment, not only to the race team, but to their patriotism.

 NASCAR kind of dragged us into this. Which leads me to my conclusion.

Nascar, in my opinion, needs to stay in their lane! Concentrate on making racing competitive. Quit getting into the fray of who can and cannot sponsor teams. They have made it so expensive to participate in this sport! Why not let any corporation that wants to throw their money at a team, do so? It’s not Nascar’s job to defend whatever company sponsors a team. Let the team do that! Let the teams decide who they want to be associated with! Stop trying to appease a loud minority, and let the fans decide who they support. Not just your approved list!

“It’s awful. If I’m being honest” – Joey Logano on the feud between Hendrick Motorsports drivers

I promise you, there is not a team out there that is dumb enough to engage with a sponsor that is in any way detrimental to their reputation, that is not of the same mindset and mission/purpose and beliefs of said organization!

I give Brandon Brown and FJB Bitcoin all the credit in the world, for their tenacity to persevere through this.

Lets Go Brandon!

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